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The Northumbrian Music Festival enters its 6th year in 2016, and with it a new shape – it is going on tour.

The reason for this is the expansion of the hotels that make up our group – The Robert Parker Collection – to include new venues in Scotland and the Lake District.


In keeping with this expansion beyond the boundaries of Northumberland comes therefore a slightly revised title. As the performances have crossed national and county borders, we feel that the title “Northumbrian” is more in keeping with this year’s Festival – what we are presenting has a Northumbrian focus, rather than location! This is in keeping with the themes of many of the concerts, and keeps on the traditions of the programmes we have presented in the others in this and previous years.

So the festival will now be performed at Doxford and Eshott Hall Hotels, as well as The Wordsworth Hotel in Grasmere, Ednam House in Kelso and Dalhousie Castle, south of Edinburgh.

The Northumbrian Ranters, who have been with us from the beginning, will be returning, as will the marvellous Graeme Danby, whose voice can hold a football crowd the palm of his hand. In Grasmere we are presenting a programme of Sacred Misc and an Organ Recital in Grasmere Church, which is next door to the Hotel. We are also looking forward to the return of Heritage Opera with full length Chamber Performances of Opera and Comic Opera, and Much Loved Productions with a series of stunning themed Gala nights. We are also welcoming the return of Christmas, and the magic [and orchestral fireworks] of Strauss and Co.

Mention of Christmas brings us finally to the shape of the festival. Fitting in with the availability of space in our Hotels has always been a problem, so this year we are spreading the load – and the festival will now take place over 6 different weekends, spread throughout October – March 2017 – once a month in fact.

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